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Whether you are looking to get a charge point installed at home or work, purchase an EV Charger to be shipped out with free delivery or looking for advice on anything EV, Then EV-Near me is the right place for you. Follow the simple steps to booking your install, visit our store or get in touch.

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How long does an EV Charger installation normally take?

“Standard” EV Charger home installations should be completed in a day if the survey has been completed correctly. Commercial & DC installations all depend on the level of installation and property type.

What is a “Standard” install?

A standard install is where the charge point is located within a 10 metre above ground cable run from the property’s consumer unit. The property has an ample supply, the consumer unit Is suitable and has enough free ways. Fitting, testing & certification of all electrical connections and protection required by the EV charge point.

What’s included in a standard install?

Your standard install includes a wall mounted EV Charger installation and all associated materials

E,g – SWA or NYY-J cable (which ever is most suitable for the install

Type A RCD & MCB to make the installation compliant with BS7671 wiring regulations

Fixing accessories

Any listed domestic prices on EV-near me will not include ground works or post mounted installs, these can be arranged so please get in touch today to discus your install requirements 

How do I know if my property is suitable for an EV charger?

Don’t worry, we will walk you through our simple survey which will determine if your property I suitable. If for any reason it isn’t, we will help you through the steps required to get it upgraded.

What’s the difference between charging from standard 3 pin plug in my property and a wall mounted EV Charging unit?

Charging from a standard domestic 3 pin plug will impact the speed of charge. A 3 pin plug is limited to charging at 3kw, where as a domestic EV charge station will increase this to 7.2kw by alternating current direct from your homes electricity supply.

Will the engineer need access to my property during the install?

Yes, they will need access to your main electricity supply in your property, means distribution board & electricity metre.

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